Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving passed and 2 Baptisms this week!!!

Hey Mom and Dad, tell Anik thank you for her wonderful e-mail! She is the best! She asked when transfers are and the answer is next week. You will know next Monday whether I go or whether I stay. This could be the last week in this area for me. I hope that I stay actually I like this area. But I would like to go to an area that is struggling and build it...that would be awesome! The work is doing very well but we need to think of some ways to involve the members more with our investigators. A lot of our investigators don't go to church and don't have fellowshippers. We will try and change that by doing FHE's with members and investigators and other activities. We are very busy. We have a lot of appointments and our area is rather large. It takes about 20-25 min depending on traffic to get from one end of the area to the other. If you want an idea of how big it is, search on google maps or something and get a map of Lehi, Saratoga, and Eagle Mountain because we cover those 3 cities (in Spanish). I absolutely love just working and pondering on ways to help our investigators improve and excite members. I think I will miss that aspect when I get home. Elder Diaz is such a funny guy and we get along very well. He is teaching me many Christlike attributes such as patience and charity. He always shares with me and is very loving. I have learned a lot from him this transfer. I did not get a chance to send those letters to my friends either because I did not have time but today I will do that license thing you told me about and perhaps write a letter to Chris or Thomas. I really don't need anything right now to be honestbut but tell Elder Green and the Lahache's thank you for me! How nice of them. I am glad to see Daddy is still keeping up in hockey! and telling me the news. Tell Ben Cahoon congrats for winning the Grey Cup! I am proud of them! I did get all dearelders last week and you can even send them this week because they will get to me before transfers so just keep sending them to the house please. Next week I will tell you the new address if I have it. I would wait to send any packages until we find out what is happening at transfers. Did I mention I love you guys! I am so spoiled with blessings! Thank you for all that you do! Thanksgiving was so much fun playing football and everything. Sis Benham is an amazing cook by the way because we ate with them for lunch Thursday and it was gooood! I hope she makes banana cake soon! We went to the Temple Saturday morning and I just love the Temple. I really do get excited when we go to the Temple and I am glad I have that feeling because I want it to stay like that for the rest of my life. The Mt. Timpanogous temple is gorgeous too! We took pics and I will send them off! We worked hard once again and it was fun! We ran into these ladies knocking on doors and one was on the way out and got us hot chocolates at Mcdonalds and a burger! How nice right? And they offered to do sewing for us whenever we needed it! My green suit pants have a whole in the back pocket so I will bring them to them today. What a blessing! The best doors to knock on are the ones you know with 15 min left in the night! The Lord always blesses us when we do the absolute most we can. Always be anxiously engaged in a good cause! This Saturday we should have 2 baptisms : Carlos Salazar and Kimberly Querales. I can't wait! There isn't much news other than that but I will try and add some more in my audio. I met an RM that Elder Begin killed off when he was in Hawaii. Don't remember his name though. We heard Elder Walter Gonzalez speak yesterday at the Saratoga ward for a fireside. He only has 2 days off all year and he chose one of those to speak to the Saratoga ward. It was fantastic! I love listening to General Authorities speak (especially in their native tongue) I got to hear the Uruguallo accent! it was great! He talked about tithing and adversity. Really nice man! Keep up the work you guys! I am so proud of the desire you have to do missionary work! Just pray and fast for opportunities and they will come. Just remember that the world needs the restored gospel but they can't know that until they know what the restored gospel is. Almost everyone wants to live with their loved ones forever and we are the only church that can make that happen! Don't you think they should know that? I love you guys! have a great week!

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