Monday, December 7, 2009

I'm Going Back to St.George for the Winter!!!

Hello Mom and Dad! Thank you so much for the e-mails. I loved Aniks as always and I hope I can answer her questions and yours at the same time. I am so lucky and blessed to get such great e-mails and updates from you guys. I feel you are becoming pros at sending me info from back home whichever way you do it! Thank you so much! The news is big this week. I am not staying in this area. President Pitts called me last night to tell me I am going back to St. George! YOUPI! I am leaving the cold and snow and going back to my favorite palm trees, red rocks, and dry heat!!! I can't wait. He also extended the call for me to serve as a Zone leader for the Red Rock zone down in St. George. I will serve with Elder Aguilar in Washington city. I am sure you are just as shocked as I was when I got the telephone call. Isn't that crazy mom and dad? I am going back to the southernmost part of the mission and I am going to be a zone leader! I just find it crazy because I really do not feel very experienced enough to be a zone leader you know? Anyway, I am very very excited and these next six weeks are going to be incredible. I have met Elder Aguilar before and he is just awesome! He is just full of energy and I can't wait to learn from him. I am sure I will learn so much. This is going to be another huge turning point for me on my mission! So I leave tommorow and take the St George shuttle at 6:30 am over in Provo. I don't know what my address will be. I will find out tomorrow. I will pack all day today and send some stuff I don't need back home so be expecting a package. Whatever you send to me this week will have to be sent to the Mission Office until you find our my new address next week. I know you sent stuff off with those Elders but they will have to give it to the mission office. Anything coming to me will be best through the mission office this week. Next week I will tell you my address down south. I will not need any winter clothing at all so don't worry about that. Also thank the Glowas for sending me a Dear elder, I really enjoyed it! THANK YOU!! and I do pay my fast offering dad! Every single month! You cannot convert beyond your own conversion so how can I teach others of fast offering if I don't even do it myself? It is snowing today actually and I am so happy to get away from it. I will try my best to make an audio for you this afternoon because you have gone 2 weeks without one! I will have enough time! I love you guys so much and thank you for all that you do! I absolutely love my mission and I can't wait to work hard with Elder Aguilar! I hope we will make a great team! He is such a nice guy. I will really miss the Benhams but Elder Bowers is replacing me and he is a good missionary so I'm not too worried! Well I kind of have to go but I love you and can't wait to answer any questions that you have! My health is doing fine and I'll just say more in the audio but I think I said the most important! I will definetely have more info next week! I love you!

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