Monday, December 14, 2009

Off to Provo for Zone Leader Conference

Hey Mom and Dad!Alright I only have 7 minutes but let me try to say as much as I can and I will try and make an audio later but it has been hard lately. I'll figure something I can do to make it! I would send everything right to that address since I am sure that the Office will be busy with other packages all through the holidays. I don't know about the UPS thing. I would just send everything the cheapest way possible. We do live with members. We live with the Shelline family. They are actually about your age and don't have any kids living there. They are super nice and have a beautiful home. Tell Anik not to worry about her package! She doesn't even have to send me a package! She sends me so much already so I don't mind at all if it comes late. She's the best! haha I love you guys and appreciate all that you do, I really do! You are the best and what would I do without you! I love you! I can't wait to hear your voices at Christmas and it won't be hard because you guys are a great support! Alright I must go. We drive 4 hours to Provo today at 4 for ZLC tomorrow. It will be so fun! I love you!

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