Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Baptism this week and the Lord blesses us abundantly!!!

Hey Mom and Dad,
Another week has come and gone and I hope you got and enjoy my audio. I will be seeing Dr. Moody, the mission doctor tomorrow in Provo since Elder Brons and I have to go up there for Zone Leader Council Wednesday. We'll stay in the mission home Tuesday night. I'll get to see Elder Chavarria and some good friends as we all stay in the mission home because we're too far away to travel Wednesday morning. Elder Aguilar is now an assistant to the President. He is an excellent missionary. I wish I could serve with him again. We laughed a lot together and I'm sure you'd love him. I'll see him Wednesday. Anyway, Dr. Moody will look at my foot then decide from there what to do. I hope it is nothing serious and that is what I must pray for. I might have to see a neurologist. I can't wait to find out what is going on! I'll most likely know by next e-mail. Thank you for your prayers! This past week was awesome. Jordan Powell got baptized Saturday and his very inactive Dad came to the baptism and even said the prayer to bless the food. Jordan is Dave and Bonny Powell's grandson. They referred him to us because his parents were kind of less active. His mom is their daughter and she was at every lesson and has come back but we hadn't met his Dad until the baptism. He even came to church yesterday and was telling Jordan to stay reverent in sacrament. Let's just say that Dave and Bonny are so happy right now and we are all seeing how the gospel blesses families. I LOVE the Powells. I loved teaching Jordan. What an awesome kid. His little brother Landon is so cute and says the funniest things. I have some videos of him doing funny things like belly dancing haha! Sister Powell always make us a treat when we go to teach. She makes some killer cinamonn rolls that make Elder Brons and I water at the mouth haha. John, their youngest son has a friend that we're teaching over there now named Austin so the teaching at the Powells is not over! A great missionary family that's for sure! Austin even agreed to baptism last night and went to church yesterday too. He drives a nice mustang I'll have to get a ride in one day! Life is fantastic Mom and Dad. Things are going extremely well here and the Lord is blessing abundantly. Thankfully, we have room enough to receive them. I am loving it here. This Saturday Brandee Mast is getting baptized. She was well prepared when we met her. I try my best to be spiritually prepared every day because like Elder Eyring said the Lord sends his prepared people to his prepared servants. We all need to be prepared servants. I hope all is well over there! I love you and say Hi to everyone for me!

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