Monday, April 26, 2010

Another busy week and more to come!!!

Hey Mom and Dad!
I just made an audio for you like 3 hours ago so this e-mail won't be too too long. I saw Dr. Moody on Tuesday and he said that I must have done something to a nerve in my foot that caused this. He said it will eventually heal but it will take some time. I really wonder what I did. I still don't know. I haven't been doing anything out of the ordinary. Anyway, I just need to be patient I guess. Thank you for your prayers. The great thing is that it does not affect the work at all. I can still do the work! But I wouldn't worry about it too much because I have seen like 4 doctors now and none of them say it's anything serious so...Thank you for the e-mail as usual, I always love them! I do miss being Spanish speaking. It is very different but I get to practice it still with other missionaries and especially when I go on exchanges with the Spanish speaking of our zone. I love it. I do really enjoy English work as well though. Whatever language, I love it! haha I still study it as much as I can. Please wish Sean a happy birthday for me. I can't wait to see my cousins again and play hockey with them as well as argue about who the best is even though we all know it's TAMPA! haha (just not this year). I love them. My favorite scripture is still Nephi 21:14-16 although I do really love D&C 122. I love scriptures that can help us to overcome trials and challenges through Jesus Christ. This past week was crazy with all the travel and everything but I really enjoyed it. I love going on exchanges with other missionaries around the zone. I learn so much from them. I got to meet Elder Eddingtons father, Bishop Eddington. Do you remember Elder Eddington? He was my comp in the MTC. He's doing great in Paraguay and is actually teaching a bunch of Germans that moved to Paraguay a long time ago during the war. There is a whole community of them and so he's teaching in German. He knew a bit before he went out. It was cool to know how he's doing. He is a great person. I also met Brandon Wilkinson of the Westwood ward, Helper Stake after speaking in their sacrament meeting. I mentionned I was from Montreal and he is Ben Cahoon's nephew. I told him Ben is a hero back home. He looks a lot like his uncle. Anyway, I'd better get going. I love you very much. This week should be awesome with Zone conference and exchanges with the assistants tomorrow. Have a great week!

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