Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'll be in Price for Another 6 Weeks!!!

Thank you for your e-mails! I love you guys! It is so great to get these updates from you. I am a very blessed missionary. other missionaries do not get all the support I get from back home and it really helps me. So thank you for everything you do! Thank you for your prayers. Things are going very well here though. My health is pretty good and nothing keeps me from doing the Lord's work. We got our transfer calls and Elder Brons and I are staying together here for another 6 weeks. I am excited and happy. This area is doing very well and now that we've both been here for a little while we are excited to get down to work. I really want to be better. I want to work harder, talk to more new people a day, have effective studies, pray more and rely on the spirit more. I am going to study more on prayer and recognizing the spirit because those are the most important things you can do as a missionary. I really don't want to waste a second and have the Lord's will be done in this area! I love my mission. It is a great learning experience! Jacob and Kristen got baptized on Saturday. They are students over at CEU. Jacob is from Korea so we had a local Korean member help us fellowship. His name is Bro. Sheen and he got to baptize Jacob! It was great. Kristen's baptism was awesome too and I got the privilege of baptizing her Saturday. She had a ton of friends come and it was just great to see them support her in this. Her best friend Mae Goss was at every lesson and actually got back active in the church which was such a support for Kristen. We had a lot of fun teaching them! I love being a missionary over at the college because everyone is your age and you meet so many cool people. I love our ward mission leaders over there. I have made some great friends. I am happy to be here another 6 weeks. At the end of this next transfer, we will know what mission we'll be in. Wherever they call us to serve at the end of this transfer will be the mission we'll be in so these are exciting times here in the Utah Provo Mission. We've been getting a lot of referrals from members and I feel we need to work even harder to deserve those referrals and trust from the members! Well, I must be going but I love you! and have a great week! Tell Anik thank you for her wonderful e-mails! You guy are the best!

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