Monday, April 5, 2010

Wasn't Conference Awesome!!!

It was a wonderful conference! I can't wait to feast on the May Ensign for my personal studies! I loved Elder Holland's talk on Lust and pure love. We teach a lot in our area on the Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom. It is crazy because there are quite a few people that believe what we teach but are not willing to make certain changes in their lives. We do our best to strengthen their testimonies and help them make these changes. They need a lot of support with prayer and fasting. We try and visit them quite often to boost them with spiritual messages. The natural man is an enemy to God unless he yields to the Spirit and that is what these people need to do. I loved conference and appreciate it much more than I used to. I am actually sad when it's over now. I loved Elder Rasband's talk as well on missionary service. It was awesome! What a blessing to have these righteous men with great faith guiding the church with revelation they receive from on high. What a message for the world! Thank you so much for that Easter package. Elder Brons and I have a lot of candies to eat but I think we'll share them with investigators and other missionaries. THANK YOU! I still haven't finished Pappy's last letter but I loved reading about how Pappy and Mammy met and about those rubbies that just randomly scream! It is exciting! Please thank him again for me! Thank you for your letters as always! I always love them!
I have a good routine going so things are going well. Thank you for your prayers.
Please wish Mike and Chris Happy Brithday for me! I hope it was fun! Sorry i missed it! Elder Brons is from the North Island of New Zealand in a place called Rotorua. He has some Maori blood in him. He is the best!
I am sorry I didn't get a chance to make you an audio. I didn't have much time this morning as well. Last week we went to a place called the Wedge and San Rafael. It was like a mini grand canyon and we saw a dinosaur footprint and Indian writings. It was awesome. Bro. Engar brought us there! He is awesome! I took a lot of pictures! It is beautiful here and there are a lot of cool places. We went to the Manti Temple on Thursday and that was awesome. It is a beautiful temple. It looks like a castle. They do live sessions there so that was a first for me. It is pretty different. It is amazing that Moroni dedicated that site for the temple so many years before. It was beautiful inside and just a great experience! There are many beautiful temples here in Utah. We had our interviews with President on Friday and those are always good. We talked a lot about the zone and different things. He is a great man. Sister Pitts taught me how to conduct music! It was cool. We are well taken care of here by wonderful members and even non-members. We had a big breakfast on Saturday morning with the Quintons. Can't wait to do that again with you! I love you so much and thanks for everything! I'll make an audio later!

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