Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Been a little hectic and more news on the feet!!!!

Hey Mom and Dad,
I responded to your e-mail in the audio I made. I hope I answered all of your questions. The work is slow as the member referrals are drying up. Since we're covering the Spanish now too we have to work harder because we don't know any of the investigators or do we know the area book. All the missionaries around the mission have been calling to see if I would be going home because of my feet but I told them nope. I saw the rheumatologist this morning and he told me to stop talking the antibiotics and told me to get some prednizone to get rid of the swelling. He even said that he saw the same problem with another Canadian missionary. What an amazing doctor he was to come in early (7AM) just to be able to see me. I have another appointment to see him in 4 weeks. We have to go but I love you and appreciate all you do! Thank you for your prayers! Please thank Chris, Sister Simkovits in China, Heather Ashby, the Wongs, Pappy, Jason, and others for their letters! I love to read them! I am sorry I haven't replied yet. Things have been a little hectic here. I will though! Please thank them. Please thank everyone for their prayers. I know that they have been answered. I love you!

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