Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm Coming Home Feb. 2!!!!

Hello from the Mission Office!!! This week we are working on the transfer board. This week we are going to sit down with President Leonard and go over all the transfers. We didn't have much of a p-day today as Pres.Leonard was in he office and he kept us here. He did order a pizza for us and then we helped with a baptismal interview of a ninety-year old woman. We didn't get to play any sports but we did some shopping and took an hour nap because we are pretty tired. We had a wonderful baptism on Saturday for Drew Thomas the football player from Dixie College. Very spiritual baptism and I confirmed him on Sunday. Last week we went up to Price to train ZL's. Got to see good old Price and Wellington and taught 4 lessons with Elder Richardson and we even found a new investigator. He has been out 5 months now and hasn't had a baptism yet so I gave him some support. It was good to travel again with Elders Laurie and Goodman even though we only took them to Richfield. It really is something to go out and tour the mission and see old friends. The departing missionaries leave next week and the incoming ones come the week before. We hope to have 4 or 5 baptisms in the next few weeks. We are trying to teach everyone before they go home for the holidays. We taught 39 lessons last week and 7 today. We are wondering what we will do during the Christmas break. I wanted to let you know I have my flight plans for 8 weeks from now. I'll be in Montreal Feb.2 at 7:46PM. I leave St.George at 9:29AM and go to SLC and then Detroit without any long layovers. I get to travel with Elders Esquy and Olson till Detroit. Things are really going well here. We always have so much to do with the mission and teaching all these lessons. We are teaching a guy named Sean Barry who is a friend of Elder Wilkinson an Area Authority Seventy who called President Leonard to ask him to send his best missionaries to teach Sean and President Leonard gave him our number. That was really cool teaching with a General Authority Seventy. Sean is really looking to know God and follow God and have faith. He just wants to know how everyone is able to have this great faith and knowledge. I have to go , but I love you guys and have a great week!!!!

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